Case Study – Fluid Studios

Who are Fluid Studios?

An award-winning website design company based in Hertfordshire for the past fifteen years, Fluid Studios are right on our doorstep and employ some pretty exceptional talent. This means they can offer seriously slick and stylish websites for clients ranging from small start ups and SME’s to large blue-chip corporations.

Fluid Studios Case Study for Nimbus Hosting

What was it about Nimbus Hosting that made you want to partner/host with them?

At Fluid, we take our commitment to customer care extremely seriously and work hard to provide utterly bespoke web design and development solutions to our clients. So we really wanted to partner with a company who adhered to those values. Given that Nimbus Hosting have hundreds of five star reviews on Google; we instantly felt confident about the service and customer relations. Not only that, but they all have a 97% response time within the hour. This means we can get answers to questions and resolutions to issues if they occur, quickly allowing us to keep our clients up to date and happy. Which of course is very important to us.

What is important to Fluid Studios when choosing a hosting partner?

For us the most important aspect is customer service as well as excellent up time. We really wanted a hosting company who placed a premium on customer care and who would be able to support us fully and without compromise.

What effect has moving to Nimbus Hosting/STORM had on your agency?

We were particularly impressed to see that Nimbus Hosting offer free migration and that we can always speak directly to a member of their team, which is just invaluable. More than that, their team are always eager to help and offer really very good advice. This means we do not have to wait hours for support tickets or for emails to be responded to. Instead, we receive an educated answer instantly.

Has STORM had an impact on your efficiency?

The main point of note is that STORM is ridiculously quick and allows us to monitor all our servers from one dashboard, which makes life easier. Frankly, the STORM software really is just amazing, easy to use and inordinately simple to understand. It makes life a lot easier and speeds up the process of going live. It wasn’t something we were directly looking for from a hosting company, but now that we have it, we can’t imagine going back.

Has there been any other advantages of partnering with Nimbus/using STORM?

At Fluid, we always try to go above and beyond for our clients; which slots in nicely with the Nimbus Hosting work ethic. This is perfectly seen in a recent example when a potential client came to us with a few issues with their GoDaddy account. Basically, they were experiencing more down than up time. Immediately, we spoke to Nimbus Hosting who backed everything up and migrated it over to their servers in one day, which led to one very happy client.

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