Case Study – Kaizen

Challenge – Frequent downtimes and limited support.

Kaizen’s previous host, GoDaddy, had offered cheap hosting. However, this came at the cost of support and customer service – Kaizen was suffering from 3 to 4 major downtimes a year, unable to send emails or operate efficiently.

This was a major problem as the business expanded, especially as Kaizen were provided with no real assistance when it came to these issues. They were forced to resolve the problems manually from their end, including technical maintenance on the server analysing the logs. This was an inefficient user of their time and money, and a burden on the company’s growth.

Despite looking for new hosts to rectify this issue, Kaizen were held back by the prohibitive time and effort it would take to migrate hosts, and were put off the move for a long time as a result.

Kaizen Case Study
Kaizen Case Study

Solution – Free and easy migration with reliable hosting.

The feature that made Nimbus Hosting stand out to Kaizen was their approach to server migration.

Nimbus Hosting not only offered free server migration, mitigating any concerns over cost, but also offered the full technical service for the actual move.

This meant Kaizen were freed from being involved in the technical requirements, and the serve could be moved over with a minimum if impact on the company’s business.

Databases were updated and WordPress settings adjusted to Kaizen’s specification, but without any need for their staff to complete the technical necessities themselves. It made it easy for Kaizen to migrate without losing out in the process.

Company Impact – Business growth and secure hosting.

As a direct result of Nimbus’ agile and expert approach, Kaizen’s business has continued to grow and develop in the online marketing industry. No longer suffering from any downtime whatsoever, there were no negative impacts on the work from server management, and the hosting has proved reliable and secure.

Kaizen host a significant amount of client content on their site. Across some of them, this creates security concerns and questions. However, Nimbus Hosting ensure that every measure is taken to protect the data hosted. Any questions the clients raise, Nimbus Hosting are happy to answer directly to assuage any fears, which means Kaizen can always assure their clients of the security of their work.

Because of this superb client support, Kaizen have recommended Nimbus Hosting to a number of Kaizen clients, with several taking them on as their new hosts, thereby boosting their business relations and assisting in their growth.

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