Case Study – Northern Foundry

Who are Northern Foundry?

Based in the North of England, Northern Foundry are a creative commerce agency that perfectly blends Northern grit and honesty, with a deep knowledge of all things digital. Celebrating the completion of each and every project with a pint of the finest beer, they are dedicated, passionate and professional in offering customers an unparalleled service.

Northern Foundry

What issues did you have that made you look for a new hosting provider?

We had a number of bad experiences with other hosting providers and were really struggling to find a reliable supplier, so another developer recommended Nimbus Hosting.

How did you first find Nimbus Hosting? 

We were immediately blown away by their fantastic customer service, as well as their depth of knowledge on Magento. As we continued to work with them, we were pleased to find that we could literally just hand over the entire hosting process in full faith. Not only that, but they have always been open and honest in communication, whilst avoiding the constant back and forth of blame (that) we’ve experienced with other hosting providers. 

What is important to Northern Foundry when choosing a hosting partner? 

We really value: prompt service, knowledge, honesty and willingness to help. 

What effect has moving to Nimbus Hosting/STORM had on your agency? 

Moving to Nimbus Hosting has saved us hours of to-ing and fro-ing troubleshooting, knowing that we can honestly and sincerely recommend all of our clients to an excellent hosting provider. To date, they have never let us down, which has helped strengthen our business relationships. This is because in the past when we were asked to recommend a hosting provider, their service has been poor, or worse they have given bad experiences, or worse still…lost entire sites, and this obviously negatively affects our
business. We genuinely feel that working with Nimbus Hosting is a partnership built on mutual respect and trust in each other’s field of expertise. 



Nimbus Hosting
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