Case Study – Rob Fenech

Who is Rob Fenech?

Rob Fenech is a freelance web designer who has been with us from the very start; born and raised in London he has been in web design for around 15 years, and has been a freelancer for over a decade. Keen to point out that he doesn’t just sit in a dark room, staring at a dark screen all day, he also enjoys playing football, reading, and as of May last year, welcomed his first daughter into the Fenech family.

Rob Fenech Freelance Web Designer

What issues did you have that made you look for a new hosting provider?

None to speak of really…I’ve actually been with Nimbus Hosting since the very beginning (getting on for about ten years) and have followed them around in their various permutations and transformations.

How did you first find Nimbus Hosting?

Way back when, in the days when I was still working agency side at an outfit in Harlow, they worked with Nimbus Hosting. I was always impressed with their efficiency, knowledge and customer care; and so, started using them when I branched out on my own.

What is important to you when choosing a hosting partner?

For me, the most important thing is direct contact to a support team and not having to go through a call centre where someone simply reads off a script. I have known most of the team at Nimbus Hosting for years, and have had a pint with most of them, so I know who I am calling and they have a pretty decent understanding of my brand and challenges. This means I receive quick and effective help.

What effect has moving to STORM had on your agency?

The STORM cloud servers have actually been a huge advantage. It has meant that deploying sites is now much easier as the user interface is far more friendly and the functionality is, frankly, unparalleled with one quick setup.

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