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Based just around the corner from us in Hitchin, we headed to the headquarters of Union 10 Design to have a chat with James Hofton, who founded his business two years ago alongside Jane Comar, who he has been working with for some years.They have both been in the game since the 90s, working for some pretty large companies.

James is just the sort of chap we get on famously with, no-nonsense, no-fuss. James is serious about development and knows exactly what he likes. Not only that, but he is utterly meticulous when it comes to creating clients’ websites and in his own words, “sweats over every pixel,” to make sure it is absolutely right. Which is why, to date, he has created some absolutely stunning websites. However, alongside the stunning graphics, once it is then released onto the internet he then needs something that is easy to set up and flawless in execution. Which, thankfully our hosting platform, STORM, offers.

Alongside this ease of use, STORM also provides a fantastic loading time, which a number of our other clients have commented on. This helps his clients rank higher on Google and also, through the easy to use interface, means he can constantly monitor the speed on each page and make modifications seamlessly and proactively.

Union 10 Design - STORM Hosting Platform
" A lot of it is just about the speed of the servers, the sites are just so much faster when they’re on there. "

James Hofton , Lead Developer & Partner, Union 10 Design

" Migration of client sites to the STORM package, and just the support that Nimbus do, that makes everything really nice and easy. "

James Hofton, Lead Developer & Partner, Union 10 Design

Union 10 Design - STORM Hosting Platform
Union 10 Design - STORM Hosting Platform

Another strong selling point of STORM as a hosting platform, is the ease of migration. All the team at Union 10 need to do is provide the previous location and login details of the old server and Nimbus will then do the rest of the leg work before carrying out a test to make sure it is all in tip top shape. James also seemed particularly happy with the ability to add new databases easily; STORM even suggest a new username and password which are completely safe and secure, particularly important in this post-GDPR landscape.

All of this leaves the guys at Union 10 far more time to spend on delivering an exceptional quality of website to their clients, which is really the whole point of their agency.

If you would like to learn more about STORM please feel free to give us a call on 0203 005 9181 or drop us an email on [email protected].

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