CentOS 5 now end-of-life – How to upgrade to CentOS 7

peter-martin .

Back in March (2017) CentOS 5 went end-of-life. As with any Operating System it has a life cycle which means that it will be supported with updates and patches for a certain amount of time. Now that CentOS 5 has gone end-of-life no further updates and patches will be provided for this version of the Operating System.

Don’t worry, if you find that you are on a server running CentOS 5, nothing is immediately going to stop working however we would recommend looking at moving to a new server.

You can check what version of CentOS your server is running by going to Services -> My Services -> (Server host name) -> Management Actions, or drop us a support ticket.

Unfortunately there is no way to directly upgrade from older versions of CentOS to CentOS 7, so instead, we will fire you up a brand new CentOS 7 server to match your existing one, free for thirty days to move your sites over to. If you’d prefer us to handle, we’ll be happy to at our hourly rate of £80 plus VAT – the actual time it will take will depend on how big your sites are. Rest assured we’ll take our upmost care, and treat as a full migration, like when you first joined Nimbus.

You’ll not only get the benefit of a newer version of CentOS, but also the newer hardware too, so hopefully you’ll also see some improvements in traffic capacity/site speeds.