Prevent DDOS attacks, improve the security of a website and improve the page loading time.

Prevent DDOS Attacks.

Improve Security.

Improve Page Loading Time.

Filter Bad Traffic.

Cloudflare Packages

Basic Pro Business
CDN Yes Yes Yes
DDOS Protection Yes Yes Yes
Shared SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes
Page Rules 3 20 50
Web Application Firewall Yes Yes Yes
Image Optimisations Yes Yes
Mirage Image Optimization Yes Yes
DDOS I’m Under Attack Yes Yes
Custom SSL Yes
PCI Compliance Yes
Railgun Yes
Cost Per Month (plus VAT) Free £25 £160

Suitable for..


For personal web sites and blogs that are seeking protection from a DDOS attack.


For business web sites seeking DDOS protection, performance improvements and basic security to protect from malware attacks. This package can also be configured to completely cache a static web site for sudden surges in traffic.


For larger businesses running ecommerce requiring PCI Compliance, their own SSL (usually an EV SSL) and advanced URL.

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