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We've created these fantastic STORM benefits and features specifically with you in mind, go ahead, check them out!

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Developers and Freelancers. Meet STORM.

It’s an absolute game changer! Whilst you’re working alongside clients, agencies and other teams, our platform is the perfect home for website development and projects. There are a whole load of brilliant benefits to make your life much easier, such as server dashboards, SSH Keys, Deployment and so much more – keep scrolling for the full list of benefits. We promise, they won’t disappoint.

As a tech creative, we understand that you need to build, deploy and manage sites faster than ever. Which is why our team of geeks have developed these awesome STORM benefits tailored just for you and your everyday tasks. Go on. Have a peek!

Our humans behind the tech.

If you’ve heard of Nimbus Hosting before, you’ll probably know that it’s our customers that make us tick. Our friendly and helpful support service is second to none. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at our Google Reviews from our existing developers and freelancers.

We can guarantee a personalised support, simple solutions and above all, excellent customer service. As a team, we completely get you, we’re even into coding ourselves so we’ll always understand your needs as a web developer. When you drop us a line, we always answer within a couple of rings. It’s just what we do here!
Our fantastic team have got you covered, so we’ll always be on hand to help you out. We think that’s pretty impressive.

STORM control panel - website access

A single dashboard for all servers.

I am the one and only… dashboard…we know, our singing is pretty terrible, definitely not as good as Chesney Hawkes! But since we’ve got your attention, you’ll love the fact that you can have all of your client’s servers under one single login. Simply login and you’ll see everything broken down for you in a dashboard that’s simple, quick and easy to access.

In your dashboard, you can take a look at your server’s:

  • DNS details
  • A preview of their site
  • Get a breakdown of storage levels
  • Which version the site has installed
  • More information about its SSL certificates including any expiry dates.

All of the stuff you need to know and none of the clutter.

SSH Keys

SSH (Secure Shell) Keys are one of the most secure ways of logging into a server, which is why we swear by them here at Nimbus Hosting. It’s super simple to set up SSH Keys in STORM, in fact, you can set them up with just a click or two. Simply assign a name to your SSH Key and add in the Key Details, it’s easy-peasy.

With all your SSH Keys set up in STORM, you’ll be able to put your feet up and relax knowing your sites are all secure. If a pesky brute force can’t decipher them, nothing will!

Let's Encrypt SSL in one click with Hosting Platform STORM
Server Metrics STORM Screenshot

Server Metrics.

If metrics aren’t the key to success, we don’t know what is! As a developer or freelancer we understand you want to identify patterns associated with site speed and your clients site storage. Which is why the metrics in STORM provide handy graphs that breakdown the activity hourly, over 24 hours and across 2 weeks – pretty awesome, right? Monitor your client’s server by tracking its processor speed, disk usage and memory, which all factor into how the site performs in terms of speed. The quicker the site, the happier the client.

Better yet, you can set up email alerts to keep track of any spikes or patterns in your site’s memory and disk activity.

Deployment made easy

Deploy code to your STORM server using our deployment integrations with GitHub and BitBucket, without the need of FTP or SSH. Development roll outs are super easy to carry out and our helpful knowledge base can guide you step-by-step. Say goodbye to deployment delays!

Git Deployment on Hosting Platform STORM
Setting up staging area

Copy websites (even to another server!).

As a developer or freelancer, time is precious and swift turnaround times mean you need to copy over websites pronto. Which is why we’ve simplified the site development process. You can do all of this in STORM by moving your client’s site over to their own server or create a staging site in just a couple of clicks.

Plus, if you’re a creature of habit who enjoys using the same selection of site themes and plugins, you’ll be able to copy them over in no time.

Central WordPress management

Managing your WordPress site directly in STORM is a breeze. Our hands-on, friendly team will give you free migrations to help you get your WordPress site set up and running smoothly and with ease.

We’ll even send you email notifications for vulnerable plugins, checking your site’s disk space usage and updates about your site security. You’ll never miss a thing!

WordPress Install on Hosting Platform STORM

Database Management.

Create and manage databases in a flash. We’ll even get you started with them as STORM automatically creates a database for you to use on your sites by default with credentials generated within our platform. Not only do we set up an initial database for you, but you can also add, view and manage your website’s MySQL databases – it’s super easy and simple, find out more here.

That’s not all, you can also allow list your client’s IP addresses, and add SSH, MySQL and phpMyAdmin access to your database – we know, that’s super handy stuff!


We completely understand that as web developer or freelancer in the field,  you’ll be filling up your future STORM server with a great deal of client websites. So we’ve created tag names meaning you won’t need to remember what’s where. All you need to do is get tagging. Once you’ve set up your tags, search for them and STORM will identify and filter all the relevant properties associated with the tag you’re looking up.

Tag names make everything easy, and we mean everything! Sort, view and organise your websites, users, references and clients to leave you more time for completing your tasks. Curious on how to add tag names? Check out this post in our knowledge base to find out how.

Organising your server

Pick a package that’s right for you.

We understand that as a web developer or freelancer, you have clients of all shapes and sizes, so we’ve got a great range of hosting packages at a great range of prices. Need some help choosing? Just ask.

  • Helium Web Hosting Icon
    Helium £30
  • Argon Web Hosting Icon
    Argon £75
  • Oxygen Web Hosting Icon
    Oxygen £100
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