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October 2016In an attempt to prevent domain hijacking ICANN, who are responsible for the management of all domains have announced that they are making it harder to make changes to the registration of a domain by ensuring they have confirmation from both the current legal owner and the new legal owner before making changes. Once this has been verified the domain is then locked for 60 days, meaning no other changes can be made. This new policy may help to prevent hijacking but it will also make it harder for registrants to manage domain names but as ICANN have said they are effectively ‘cracking a nut with a sledgehammer.’

August 2016

.London Domain names can now be registered with Nimbus for just £10 per year. This is part of our partnership with OpenSRS which means we can offer these Top Level Domains for the discounted price. If you’re trading in or have a customer base in London a .london domain name could be a great choice.

May 2016

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CentralNIC have advised that they are retiring domains as of April 2017. Past this date, the domain will cease to function. Please let us know if you have one of these domains and would like it redirected to your main site until they shut it down.

May 2016

Domain names are being transferred from Melbourne IT Ltd. to Tucows Inc. as part of a bulk transfer following the acquisition of Melbourne IT to Tucows. This won’t have any effect on your ownership of the domain, your rights or the way in which you renew, as all domain management will still be done via Nimbus Hosting.

March 2015

All .uk domain names have now increased in price. The price adjustment is minimal, you can find more information on our current domain prices HERE.

December 2014

Nominet announce that the wholesale price of all .uk domains will be increasing on 1st of March 2016. Nominet Domain price increase

June 2014

Nominet (the central registrar for .uk domains) have begun auditing the address information that they have on file for domains registered with them. If they do find an issue with the information that they have against your domain they will email you with something along the lines of: “Unfortunately the registrant details that you have provided for the domain name could not be processed as you have provided name details we could not automatically identify against public data sources.” Please note you will need to take steps to ensure this issue is resolved – Nominet are enforcing domain suspensions if the information is not verified/updated, and eventually domain cancellations.

June 2014

.uk domains launch. For clients who already have a,,,, or the shorter and snappier .uk will be reserved especially for you for free up until 10 June 2019 as long as the domain remains registered.

February 2014

Top Level Domains (TDL’s Launched)

January 2014

Some of our clients have received a request from our central registrar (Melbourne IT) to request an update on their domain contact details. This is a result of an ICANN directive started at the beginning of the year.

January 2013

The consultation phase of a possible new domain type for the UK has just finished with Nominet. A new service known as has been proposed to sit alongside the existing which will enable businesses to register The difference to this new domain is a big one – it is proposed that to register, the domains will be subjected to enhanced security features – registrant verification, ongoing malware scans and DNSSEC. DNSSEC is a technology developed to protect againstDNS hijacking (eg directing traffic trying to get to your site, to theirs) by digitally ‘signing’ data so that you can be assured it is valid.  The DNSSEC process attests content to the validity of the address of the site the user visits. Proposed ‘registrant verification’ will include a check to ensure that the registrant has a UK address – giving businesses the ability to protect and their genuine identity and promote their British presence.

May 2012

As of May 1st 2012 Nominet, who manages all .UK domains, have finally allowed their domains to be registered and renewed for more than the usual 2 years. For the first time you can purchase your domain for up to 10 years at a time.


First internationalised country code top-level domains registered


New top-level domain names activated

May 1992

Fewer than 15,000com domains had been registered.

March 1985

First .COM domain name registered

November 1983

Domain Name System (DNS)

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