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£14+VAT @ 20% for 2 years


£13+VAT @ 20% for 1 years


£30+VAT @ 20% for 1 years


How do I update the WHOIS contact information for my domain?

You can change your domain’s contact information via the Nimbus client area.

To do this you just need to log into then click on Domains > My Domains > Click the ‘Active’ button next to the domain you want to change the info on and then click on the ‘Contact Information’ link in the left hand panel.

How do I change the registered owner of my domain?

Changing the registered owner of your domain has to be done directly with the top level registry and therefore has to be carried out by ourselves.

If you need to change the registered owner of a domain, simply drop us a ticket by using the following link: or give us a call on 02080909664.

Please note that there is a fee of £20 plus VAT per domain for making this change.

Can I auto-renew the domains I have registered with Nimbus?

Our system doesn’t support auto-renewals for domains.

We will however send you an email 90, 60 and 30 days before the domain expires to remind you to place your renewal order.

How do I renew my domain?

To renew your domain you just need to log into then click on Domains and then My Domains. Then simply click the “Renew” link to place a renewal order for your domain.

Can domain registrations be refunded?

Unfortunately, once a domain has been registered you cannot refund this. It’s registered for the period you have chosen upon purchase.

How can I find out if the domain I want is still available?

You can check to see if a domain is available to purchase on our website by following the below link:

How do I transfer my domain to Nimbus Hosting?

If you’d like to transfer your,, .uk domain registration to Nimbus you’ll need to place a transfer order for the domain within your Nimbus client area. This can be done by logging into and then clicking on Domains > Transfer a Domain to Us.

You will also need to contact your current registrar to change the IPS Tag to:

How do I transfer my .com domain to Nimbus Hosting?

To transfer a .com/.net/.org/etc domain to Nimbus, there’s a few steps you need to go through with Nimbus, and the existing registrar to move the domain over.
1 – At your existing registrar, make sure that the domain admin contact is up to date as the admin contact will need to approve the transfer during the process.
2 – Still at your existing registrar, request that the domain be unlocked, and that they give you the domains auth code. You can usually do this via a control panel, but sometimes you might need to get in touch with them directly for security reasons.
3 – Via your client area at, place an order for the domain transfer via Domains -> Transfer Domains to Us. As part of this order process, you’ll be asked to put in the domain auth code if required. Note on non .uk domains, there is a charge of one years renewal to move the domain over, but don’t worry, this is standard, and you’ll get a years extra registration on the domain once it is moved across successfully.
4 – The domain transfer will take 3-5 working days generally, and during this time the admin contact will get an approval email, and you may also get some emails from the central registrar (called OpenSRS) to verify your ownership of the domain and postal address.
If you have any issues, feel free to drop us a ticket by using the following link: or give us a call on 02080909664.

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