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£12+VAT @ 20% for 2 years


£12+VAT @ 20% for 1 years


£30+VAT @ 20% for 1 years


How do I change the registrant details?

Changing your registrant information can be found in the Nimbus Hosting client area.

Do you auto-renew?

Unfortunately we don't offer auto renewals for domains.

Can domain registrations be refunded?

Once domains have been registered with us we cannot refund this for you.

How can I find out if the domain I want is still available?

You can search for your ideal domain name using our search bar at the top of the page.

This will take you through to the client area where it'll tell you whether the domain is available or not.

How do I transfer my domain to Nimbus Hosting?

Transferring your domains to us is a relatively simple process.

If you'd like to transfer your,, .uk domains you'll need to change the IPS Tag to: NIMHOST.

If you'd like to transfer your .com domain you'll need to unlock your domain and provide us with the authorisation code.

How do I renew my domain?

When your domain is up for renewal you'll receive renewal reminders from us after 90, 60 and 30 days.

You can renew your domains via the client area.

Once I register my domain name, can I change it later?

No, domain names are registered for a period of time that can not be adjusted.

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