Drupal Hosting

Why Opt for Specialist Drupal Hosting?.

If you run your business online with the Drupal CMS, and you’d like to ensure that it is performing at it’s peak, Drupal hosting from Nimbus Hosting could be the right approach for you. With optimum speed and flexibility, choosing this fast and effective hosting set up means you can enjoy no interruption to your business’s operations.

Drupal is already powering millions of websites and applications and it is supported by a diverse and very active community from around the world, which is why Nimbus chose it as one of our specialist hosting services.

Our helpful support team here at Nimbus will offer you all the support you need throughout the process…Ready to get going?

Drupal Hosting = Great Results.

As well as WordPress, Magento and WooCommerce, our expertise lies in making Drupal hosting work for businesses like yours. Delivering great results, our UK-based team provides all the support you need as your brand or company evolves.

We’d like to make your hosting simple, fast and secure – and thanks to our recently-released control panel, STORM, it can be. Available on all of our Drupal hosting packages, STORM provides the perfect interface for setting up your new Drupal website (fresh install completed in under 1 minute).

Why Choose Us?.

We believe in simplicity here at Nimbus Hosting. It makes no difference if you’re running an agency or an individual e-commerce site, our Drupal solutions will work for you. You can rest assured your data will always be secure, too, and our affordable and reliable packages mean you can be up and running on Drupal with no time to waste.

Priding ourselves on great service, we’re thrilled that our Google reviews page is brimming with great testimonials from businesses like yours. And because positive words speak for themselves, we’re sure you’ll have all the assurance you’re looking for that we’re the right and trusted partner for you.

Delivered by people who know Drupal inside and out, your hosting service will provide a speedy and slick solution for your constantly-evolving business. Our hosting team will always be on hand, as well, whenever you need their help – and you can be sure of a stress-free approach that puts you in the picture at all times.


Set-up for Drupal hosting is smooth and swift


Partner with Nimbus and you can ensure your data is secure, always


Utilised by thousands of businesses like yours, Drupal is the way to go for uninterrupted hosting solutions


Drupal is a powerful and innovative web development tool which puts you first.

Dedicated Hosting Solutions Mean No Downtime.

We want you to get back to doing what you do best, which is why moving to one of our Drupal hosting packages means no downtime to your business. Chat to us today about how our packages can work for you.

5-Star Drupal Hosting.

Here at Nimbus, we work with plenty of businesses like yours, each of them looking for secure web hosting solutions. You can be sure that your data is safe when you choose Drupal hosting from Nimbus, and thanks to our dedicated support team, you’ll receive a response to any issues in a speedy fashion.

Free Migrations.

Did you know, that when you choose Nimbus Hosting, our migration service is completely free? Fully managed by our technical team, the service ensures switch-over is smooth and stress-free, which means you can get back to business in no time.

We Take Your Website’s Security Seriously.

Opt to partner with the Nimbus Hosting team and you can be sure your data is in safe hands. We take your security very seriously, providing everything you need – from SSL certificates to PCI Compliance – to ensure you’re covered. We’ll even do daily backups of your server, to give you added reassurance that we’re the partner for you.

Our Scalable Solutions Will Work for You.

Depending on your hosting needs and the level of control you require, there’s an option for you. Reliability and speed are at the top of our agenda when it comes to our Drupal solutions, as we really do want you to get the most out of your experience partnering with Nimbus.

Offering maximum flexibility for your growing business, our Drupal hosting won’t let you down.

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