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Our cloud hosting platform, STORM speeds up every aspect of your website development and site performance.

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Looking for lightning speed? Get yourself a STORM.

When it comes to websites, speed is everything. It’s the secret to great SEO, higher rankings, and increased traffic. Not to mention happy customers who’ll spend more, recommend more, and come back for more. So it’s a pretty big deal.

This is why we created a hosting platform for creatives that works as fast as you do. After a whole load of coffee. And then some more coffee. And maybe another coffee. We’re talking super fast. Crazy fast. Lightning-fast. So fast, in fact, we called it STORM.


of STORM users say we've sped up their client's sites drastically. Hold on tight.

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Got 3 Seconds?

It’s simple. The faster your website, the longer people will stick around. They’ll be happier navigating, spend more time exploring and ultimately buy more stuff. Bingo.

On the other hand, slow speeds make a terrible first impression. Around 40% of people abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Three seconds. They won’t wait to see all the hard work you’ve poured into the brand. And they probably won’t be back either.

But here’s the good bit. Speeding up your site is pretty simple. And we’re here to help.

Test your speed...

Here’s the thing about site speed. It’s really easy to measure. No guessing, no wondering. Just a simple, no-nonsense result you can use as a great starting point for stepping things up.

In fact, there are a whole load of nifty tools out there for testing your website speed, and we’ve picked out a few favourites. Give them a whirl and see how you score.

Test your website speed with Nimbus Hosting
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...then test it on STORM

Got a better picture of  your website speed? Great. Want to see how much faster you’d be on STORM? We’d love to show you.

With a free 7-day trial and super simple site staging, it’s easy to test your speed with us, without even moving your live site. No strings attached. And if you like what you find, it’s easy to make the move for good. Migrations are free, and fully supported by our UK-based team within your first 30 days. Find out more about our free migration service here.

Serious security.

It’s not just our speed we’re serious about. It’s our security too. We’ve built STORM right here in the UK using the very latest technology to make sure it’s snug-as-a-bug, super secure, 24/7. It even makes your websites HTTPS as standard, for added customer peace of mind which also gives your sites a pretty handy SEO benefit.

Site Security
Reliable web hosting - Nimbus Hosting

Radical reliability.

It’s no good running fast if you keep falling over. Which is why really nippy websites need the right tech behind them to keep them online, on track, and glitch-free. We’re proud to have made STORM one of the most reliable platforms on the market – built, run, and fully supported in the UK. You can find their friendly faces right here on our meet the team page!

Your site speed checklist.

The right host plays a huge part in boosting your website’s speed. But there are lots more small changes you can make to pick up the pace…

1. Be brutal with plugins

Every plugin you add increases page loading time. Root out any you’re not using, check you’re not duplicating functions, and keep things minimal. If you’re using Google Analytics, you can even add Javascript into templates, skipping the need for a plugin altogether.

2. Get ruthless with content

Take a good look at the content hiding on your site. That tracking code you installed for HotJar, Facebook or Google Analytics – do you use the results? That CSS lurking in a dark corner – could you cut it? By stripping things back to what you need, you’ll free up memory fast.

3. Pick up your PHP

If you’re using an old version of PHP (5.6 or earlier), you’re slowing yourself down. Upgrade to the latest version (8.0 folks) and you’ll drastically improve speed and security. In STORM you can do it in seconds and even set it up a staging site to check compatibility.

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