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Which hosting is the best for WordPress? Guide to WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an open source content management system that uses PHP and MySQL that can also operate as a hosting service via WordPress.com. Here we’ve attempted to answer some FAQs when it comes to WordPress, as well as creating a guide to everything you need to know.



What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress can offer their own hosting as opposed to using other hosts.

Is WordPress a free hosting site?

It depends what you’re looking for from your site.

Does WordPress Support Windows Hosting?

It does but you may require a number of plugins. It works better on Linux.

What are the technical requirements for hosting a WordPress site?

In order to use WordPress you need to make sure your web host is compatible, which includes plans that have MySQL and PHP support. There are numerous WordPress dedicated hosts available but it’s easy to check with others if they meet requirements. If you’ve been asking ‘can WordPress run on Windows hosting?’, then like other hosts, it can if it meets the criteria.

Which hosting is best for WordPress depends on what you need it to support. WordPress hosting is done in one of two ways: shared or managed. Both have advantages and disadvantages, which it may be necessary to understand before choosing a home for your site.

What is shared WordPress hosting?

Shared hosting is easy to use and very cheap because costs are shared between numerous partners. Clear and simple admin panels like cPanel give you greater control of your site and larger hosts offer comprehensive support and upgrade options, so it’s a good option for small businesses and new sites.

However, because you’re sharing space with countless others, processor speed, memory and bandwidth can all be affected. There’s only so much server power to go around and if one site monopolises this, everyone else suffers.

There’s also an issue with security. With so many sites using the same hardware, one site with security issues can expose the others to risk. So shared hosting exacerbates the problem of ‘bad neighbours’.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed hosting means your site will be individually hosted, avoiding the issue of bad neighbours. It also means you’ll get faster speeds, enhanced security, as well as automatic backups and updates – so you’ll be running the latest versions. There’s also better support available and better uptimes.

The downside is the higher price tag. You have to pay for this dedicated service. The fact you can only use WordPress on WordPress hosts is a little inflexible and there may be limits on plugins.