Hosting for Magento 2.

Hosting for Magento 2.

What’s new with Magento 2?

Magento 2 offers a number of major benefits over its previous version. These include:

Speed – The new Magento 2 is up to 50% faster than Magento 1.9, and with an estimated 8% sales increase for every second faster your page loads, this could translate to a healthy boost in your numbers.

Database improvements – Databases respond quicker and you also get a separate MySQL database for all your order management and checkout needs.

Full page caching – This allows your site to run faster as Magento 2 can be actively caching while in production mode.

Zend framework – Using the Zend framework, Magento 2 has been able to eliminate performance problems such as cache engine, translation and access to the database layer.

Magento 2 hosting requirements

There are a number of specific hosting requirements for using Magento 2. These include:

  • A LAMP or LNMP stack
  • Linux x86-64 operating system
  • Apache 2.2x+ or Nginx 1.7.x web server
  • MySQL 5.6 database
  • PHP 5.6x or 5.5x
  • At least 50GB of disk space

We’ll make sure that all of these are met and assist you to get the very best from Magento 2 and other resources you might require.

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