Top Tips for Agency Hosting How do I decide what server spec I need?

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Whether you want hosting for your own website, or for a whole portfolio of clients, working out the right server spec comes down to the same handful of factors. It’s all about the amount of resource those websites are currently using – and how likely they are to expand in the future.

First up, check how much disk space and memory each website’s using. Then work out how much bandwidth they’re taking up at the moment – and might need soon.

Finally, find out what CMS (content management system) they’re using too. Simple websites or blogs might be on WordPress, while more complex e-commerce sites might be running on Magento. Some types of CMS work better on particular types of servers, so knowledge is power here.

Don’t forget, all this is just your starting point. A good hosting provider should be able to help you upgrade a little down the line, as your agency grows and your websites expand.

If you’re struggling with any of these things, we’re always happy to help you figure it out, so just give us a ring on 0203 126 6767. Likewise, any potential hosting provider should be able to talk you through your options – and asking for their advice is a good way to work out whether they feel like the right fit for your business.

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