Top Tips for Agency Hosting What’s a hosting control panel – and which one should I go for?

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A hosting control panel is the dashboard you use to manage your servers and websites. It’s where you’ll see how much space you’re using, find alerts if something needs attention, and be able to choose what you’re alerted about (and how often).

Historically, there have been two big control panel providers – cPanel and Plesk. Both help you control Linux servers. If you’re using a Windows server, it’ll come with an in-built interface, so you won’t need a separate control panel. We’ve offered cPanel and Plesk since we first opened our doors, and a lot of our clients still love them. But a few years ago, we decided the agencies we worked with deserved something built just for them. A product they could shape and be a part of. So we developed STORM, giving them a faster, more intuitive control panel that made it easier to get everyday tasks done.

Today, STORM helps more than 1000 agencies manage their digital projects more efficiently and streamline their workloads with a whole bunch of one-click functions. If you’re new to hosting, it’s a simple, speedy, secure way to find your feet and do great creative work.

We know how important it is to find a dashboard that feels right for your team, so if you’d like
a quick overview of the differences between cPanel, Plesk and STORM, take a look at the comparison chart below, put together by independent website

And if you’d like to talk it all through, just give us a ring on 0203 126 6767. We’ll be really happy to help. You can even take STORM for a free, no- strings 14-day trial to see how it works for you.

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