Top Tips for Agency Hosting When should i upgrade my hosting and what are the best options for doing this?

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When you sign up for web hosting, your host should try to match the cost and specification of the new package to your needs. However, over time your requirements might change as your websites grow or as you take on more clients.

It’s important to keep an eye on your usage. Third party tools such as Pingdom and NodeQuery are really good for easily seeing how much disk space, memory and CPU your server is using. If you find that any of these are hitting limits then you may want to think about upgrading your hosting, so what is the best approach for this?

Depending on the type of hosting you have will determine how you can upgrade it. For VPS hosting it should be possible for your host to increase your server’s resources with minimal interruption to your sites. As a VPS is a virtual server, your web host should be able to adjust how much allocation of resource your virtual server gets of the dedicated hardware it resides on.

Choosing how much of an upgrade you need really depends on factors such as:

  • How much disk space you need
  • How many hits you are getting per day
  • Expected peaks and troughs in traffic
  • How much of the servers overall ram and CPU you are using

Most hosting companies are able to advise on these for you and therefore recommend the right upgrade for you. It’s worth being aware of your current usage as some hosts may over spec your server giving excessive resources that you are never actually ever going to use.

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