Top Tips for Agency Hosting What happens when I need to upgrade my hosting?

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When you first start working with a hosting company, they should match the spec and cost of your package to what you currently need. But things change, and as you grow, take on new clients and work on different projects, you’ll probably need to upgrade.

Watch this space

Keeping an eye on disk space, CPU and memory will help you anticipate when that time’s coming, so you can get upgrades in place before you start seeing problems.

If you’re using our STORM platform, you can choose to get free alerts about all of those things. They’ll pop up in your inbox, taking the pressure off you to remember. If you’re not on STORM, there are other handy third-party tools like Pingdom and NodeQuery, which can show you the same kind of information, quickly and clearly.

Powerful quick fixes

Websites often see peaks and troughs, so if you find you’re sometimes running short of space, CPU or memory, you might want to try a short-term fix in the first instance. We offer our customers four free week-long power boosts every year, which they can use to boost their cores and memory when they know there’s a traffic spike on the way.

Similarly, you might want to explore Cloudflare, a heavyweight, hacker-fighting tool that sharpens up your security at busy times, helping your websites stay up – and stay fast.

Tailored upgrades

If you’re finding it’s a busy time, all the time, you might be ready to upgrade in a more long- term way. If you’ve got cloud VPS hosting, it should be pretty straightforward for your host to increase your server’s resources, without much interruption to your sites.

How much of an upgrade you need depends on how much disk space, RAM and CPU you’re regularly using, how many hits you’re getting per day, and the growth you know is coming.

Your hosting company should be able to advise on all of these things, make recommendations and give you accurate costs. If you can, go into these conversations armed with as much information as possible – that way you’re more likely to end up with a package that suits your needs, rather than paying over the odds for resources you’ll never use.

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