Top Tips for Agency Hosting What about hosting my clients’ email?

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Website hosting and email hosting are two entirely different kettles of fish. Yes, historically, if you offered one you’d offer the other, but these days keeping them separate makes much more sense.

Here’s why. When you use the same IP address for a client’s website and emails, you’re running the risk that if there’s an issue with one of them, they’ll go down together. So if there’s a technical hitch, or the website gets hacked or blacklisted, you’re in big trouble. No website, no emails, just a lot of panicky phone calls from your not-very- impressed client.

One option is to host their emails on a separate server to their website. Risk reduced. But even when the going’s good, the maintenance involved in email hosting is massive. Whenever your client can’t open an email, it’s you they’re going to call. It’s a never-ending task that sucks up huge amounts of time and energy you could be pouring into your creative projects.

That’s why we always recommend agencies tell their clients to go for alternative email hosting like G-Suite or Office 365. Both use a pool of IP addresses to host emails, so if an issue crops up with one IP, it can be removed before it becomes a problem. These systems handle email really efficiently, without any involvement from you. Even better, they offer a whole lot more with great setup and support services.

We’ve written about this topic on our blog, so if you’d like to find out more, take a look.

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