Humans behind the screen

Michael .

We’ve all been there; trying to have a reasonable conversation with a customer service system and a few minutes in, realising you’re not talking to a human at all but are just receiving machine generated responses. By the time you finally get through to a real person, your patience is often running thin and already stressed from the situation that has caused you to get in touch in the first place combined with the innate embarrassment of conversing with a robot for the last few minutes who can blame you for ignoring your p’s and q’s?

Email essentially strips a conversation bare. Granted it’s efficient, but it does have the potential to turn what should be an easy interaction into messy misinterpretations. Without facial expressions and tone of voice to guide your message, each word you type is read as an indicator of mood. It is then more important to ensure that basic manners over email communications are even more evident in order to convey the right impression.

Here at Nimbus, we always try to go above and beyond where we can for our customers and are determined to continue providing customers with a reliable, consistent service, backed up by our welcoming and friendly team. We don’t use computer generated responses for questions and will always personally look into every support ticket submitted. If we can all bear in mind that behind every computer screen at Nimbus are real people, communications will not only be more effective, but much nicer for both parties. We really love to get to know our clients and forming a lasting two way relationship.

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