Important Changes to our Support Ticket System

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We are going to be trialling some changes to our support system. From October 1st, we will only be accepting tickets that are submitted via our ticket system on our website. Any tickets that are submitted via email to support will not be answered.

Here at Nimbus, we really pride ourselves on being able to give a professional yet personal service to all of our customers. Ticket systems can often feel impersonal and ridged and understandably, many customers assume they are going to be getting computer generated responses based on keywords from their query however the decision to have a ticket system in place was settled by the benefits;

Everything is centralised in one place

This was important as it meant not only can the support team view any previous issues and conversations but so too can the customer.

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Helps prioritise workflow

By having all tickets in the same system, the support team are able to prioritise which problems need immediate attention, what is going to take a long time and what needs more information easier than if there was simply an influx of emails that were either read or unread, risking important emails slipping through the net.

Increase accountability

Ensures that one person is dealing with the problem and will most likely be the same person the customer will be corresponding with. This makes the whole situation more personal and saves on going back and forward in discussions. This also means that issues don’t easily fall through the cracks as it won’t be assumed someone else is dealing with it.

Security and Deliverability

Because the messages are not inbox based any messages become much more secure. Also, as soon as tickets are submitted they are immediately on our system which eliminates any problems that can be caused mailbox issues either side.

Ensures continuity

By having a ticket system in place and all correspondence in one place it means the conversation can flow more fluidly and also that the same person will be picking up each message. Although support tickets will be assigned to particular members of the team, having a ticket system also means if that person is out of office, anyone else is able to view the problem and help if it is urgent.

Provides built in tracking and reporting metrics

By monitoring both how quickly we are responding to queries and how quickly we can get problems resolved completely we are then able to make sure that as needed we can implement procedures that can help in future and are able to constantly strive to make sure we provide the best customer experience.

We always try to go above and beyond where we can for our customers and are determined to continue providing customers with a reliable, consistent service, backed up by our welcoming and friendly team.

Please note we are still available on the phone during normal office hours: 0208 0909 664

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