Backing up database with PHPMyAdmin

If you are not using the Nimbus backups service, we’d recommend taking regular manual backups of your server to help protect your site against accidental deletions, corruptions and malicious attacks. If your site is database driven, part of these manual backups will be to take an export of your databases. If you have plesk or cPanel on your server, this can be done using PHPMyAdmin – the database administration tool. Please note that a PHPMyAdmin export works well with small to medium sized databases, but if you are having difficulties exporting a large DB, drop our support team a line and we’ll assist with upping your default php limits. 1. Login to your Plesk account. 2. Navigate to ‘Subscriptions’ -> (Domain Name).PHPMyAdmin Backup

3. Click on ‘Website & Domains’.

PHPMyAdmin Backup4. Click on ‘Databases’.PHPMyAdmin Backups5. Click on the Database Name that you want to backup.PHPMyAdmin Backup6. Click on ‘Webadmin’. This will open PHPMyAdmin in a new window. PHPMyAdmin Backups7. Click on the ‘Export’ tab.PHPMyAdmin Export Tab8. Click on ‘Quick’ or ‘Custom’ depending on how you would like to backup the Database. Then click ‘Go’. This will automatically start a download via your brower of your database.sql.PHPMyAdmin Backup - Export save

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