Domain Web Forwarding via DNS

If your domain is registered with Nimbus Hosting and is using our nameservers, you’ll be able to use the domain management section to forward this domain’s traffic over to another site. For example you may have and you want all traffic that hits that domain to be automatically forwarded over to 1. Log into with your email address and the password we gave you when you first joined us (or the one you have changed it to since).2. Click on Domains -> My Domains.Web Forwarding - Domains - My Domains3. Click on the tool icon, then ‘Manage Domain’ next to the domain you want to forward.Web Forwarding Icon4. Click on the ‘Web Forwarding’ button on the left hand menu.Web Forwarding Left Hand Menu5. Tick the ‘Forwarding Active’, and then input the full URL of where you would like the web traffic to be forwarded to. Click ‘Save Changes’.Domain and Save6. You’ll get a prompt warning you that the DNS records will be changed on the domain. Click ‘OK’ to complete the process.Web forwarding DNS Warning7. You’ll now need to wait for the propegation – generally this will take an hour to complete.  

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