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New Support Portal

We are always looking into ways to improve and simplify our solutions and our service. For some time we have felt that we can improve communication for customers with our Technical team. The changes started recently with the introduction of live chat via the Nimbus client area and via STORM. From July 1st we are introducing a new support portal for customers to improve this further. We hope that you like it, any feedback would be gratefully received.

The biggest change is that customers will have to login to view and make ticket responses, for the best experience you should access the new support portal via the Nimbus client area. Don’t have access? We’ll show you how to create an account later in this article.

To access the new support portal, just click the usual support links via your Nimbus client area login. Your login will automatically be passed through to the support portal.

Here is the old system side by side with the new one, on the old system you’ll be prompted for the department you want to raise the ticket with before being able to raise it. On the new system you can check on a ticket, raise a ticket or check or knowledge base from here.

To create a new ticket click the ‘New Support Ticket’ link. Please add as much detail to the ticket as possible, also note that suggested help articles will appear on the right based on the ticket details.

A new feature of the ticket system is that when typing out your ticket subject it will try and provide related knowledge articles so you’re able to get help without raising a ticket, you can see this on the right side of the description box. There are also more formatting options and you can insert screenshots as needed.

You can then check or reply to a ticket via the ‘Tickets’ or ‘Check Ticket Status sections.

Don’t have a Nimbus client area login? Don’t worry, you can still use our new support portal. You can do this via the usual link, But to access that ticket, you’ll have to register. Click the link in your ‘New Ticket’ email, you’ll be presented with a Nimbus login page.

Just click ‘Sign Up Here’. Make sure to sign up with the same email address that you used when you raised the ticket, just to make sure that they are linked. You are now registered and can continue to use this new login to access our new support portal.

When not signed in this is what the old system and new system look like side by side, having an account and using it to raise tickets will give yuo a much better experience as you will be able to easily tack your ticket progress and the history of tickets you’ve raised.

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