cPanel Quotas

cPanel is a powerful control panel that can be used to resell web hosting – and due to this, you can specify quota limits per subscription so that each client can be allocated certain resources. They can be defined per website/subscription. To change these, you will need to follow these steps:1. Login to your Cpanel […]

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View your error log file

1. Once logged into your Cpanel control panel navigate to Account Information > List Accounts and Click on the domain you wish to check.   2. Scroll down and click the Errors button

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Switch on Anti-Spam for mailbox

If you need to create your mailbox see the previous guide    1. To switch on anti-spam on your mailbox, first login to Cpanel, then go to Account Information > List Accounts, Click on the domains CP logo > then click on the Apache SpamAssassin button. 2. Click Enable Apache SpamAssassin. This enables the filter […]

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Set up AutoSSL

cPanel offers a free SSL via Comodo or Let’s Encrypt, which can cover multiple domains.1. Login to Cpanel and click on SSL/TLS. 2. Click on Manage AutoSSL 3.Make sure the cPanel option is slected (as the other is disable) and click Save 4. Click on the Option tab, It’s suggested to tick the “Allow AutoSSL […]

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Set up a Subdomain

1) Login to the Cpanel control panel. 2) Click on Account Information > List Accounts > Click on the Cpanel Logo by the Domain you want to add a subdomain to   3) Click on Subdomains. 4) Type the new subdomain same as marked below, the rest of the fields will autofill. 6) Click Ok.

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Set up a Domain

1. First you need to Log in to your Cpanel control panel.  2. Once logged into the Cpanel control panel you can set up your domains hosting. To add a new domain go to Account Functions – Create a New account. 3. Enter in the new domain name. Specify a Username and Password (Make a […]

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Reset Mailbox Password

If you are having problems with your mailbox, we’d first suggest checking that you are using the correct username/password by logging in to webmail at webmail.’’ with your full email address as the username.If this reports a password error, or you would like to reset your mailbox password for security reasons, you can do so […]

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Reset Main FTP Password

First login to cPanel1. Click on Account Information 2. Click List Accounts 3. Click on the + symbol next to the domain you want to change the password for 4. In the change password box type in a password of your choosing and click Change 5. You will get a confirmation screen after this, telling […]

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Log in to cPanel

How to log into Cpanel  1. The Cpanel panel details can be found in your Nimbus Client Area which you access via:   2. Once logged in to: click on Services > My Services   3. Now click on View Details. 4. Here you will see your servers details with a link to the […]

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Installing a 3rd Party SSL

If you’ve purchased an SSL elsewhere that you’d like to install on your Plesk server, please follow this guide.NOTE 1: If you have more than one site/SSL on your server, you’ll need an additional IP address from us to configure your site on – these are £35 plus VAT a year – drop us a […]

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