Using Dreamweaver to FTP

As STORM uses the FTPS transfer protocol by default rather than plain FTP there are some settings to be aware of when connecting via FTP in Dreamweaver. Here are the settings: Servername: This can be whatever you like Connect Using: Make sure you select ‘ftp over SSL/TLS (explicit encryption)’ from the drop down menu FTP […]

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How do I restore the original visitor IP when using Cloudflare?

By default on STORM, we already add the relevant configuration to the Nginx config on the server so that your access logs will populate with the actual visitor IP rather than Cloudflare’s IP’s. This is achieved by using the Nginx realIip module along with the below settings in the Nginx config: set_real_ip_from; set_real_ip_from; […]

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Using Transmit (MAC) to FTP

First you need your FTP details, you can find them using this guide: Accessing your FTP Details Once you’ve got those details you’re good to open Transmit and you should be met with a similar screen: You’ll need to change SFTP to FTP with TLS/SSL Make sure Passive Mode is ticked Once that’s done just […]

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Adding a STORM server to Deploy HQ

First we need to whitelist the Deploy HQ IP addresses, to check the IP addresses listed in this article are up to date, please check here. First you need to log into STORM. Once logged into STORM, you will be taken to the STORM dashboard. From the STORM dashboard click on Security. Click the Add […]

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Sending email through STORM

Although STORM does not support email accounts using IMAP and POP there is still a local email service for sending email from your web site.  In PHP you can use the mail() function or use the following path to send out via > /usr/lib/sendmail For best practice and better delivery results we recommend using a […]

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