Enabling two factor authentication

How to enable two factor authentication using STORM We strongly recommend that you protect your STORM account using 2-factor authentication. To get started you will need to have an authentication app installed on one of your mobile devices, we would recommend using Google Authenticator for this which can be downloaded here. Once you have this […]

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Viewing recent changes on your server

How to view recent events on your server using STORM Every change you make within STORM will be saved into the Recent Events log. This log allows you to view any activity and changes that have been within STORM. This includes changes made by other STORM users, changes made by the Nimbus support team and […]

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Whitelisting your IP address

How to whitelist your IP address using STORM By default, all ports are blocked except for 21 (FTP), 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS). Adding an IP address will allow port 22 (SSH), 3306 (MySQL) and phpMyAdmin access to your server. You can enter either add a single IP address or a range of IP addresses […]

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Enabling remote MySQL Access

How to enable remote MySQL access to your Nimbus server using STORM First, make sure you have whitelisted your IP address by following our Whitelisting your IP address guide. From the STORM dashboard, click on Configuration. Click the Enable button from within the Remote MySQL Access section.

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PCI Compliance

STORM has a one click option to help with your PCI compliance. Part of your PCI compliance will be a server scan, this option applies the requires security to pass that vulnerability scan. STORM server are very secure by default but we do not go the full way and make them PCI scan proof by […]

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Preventing Compromised Passwords

In February 2018 Troy Hunt launched the Pwned Passwords v2 service which can be used, via an API, to check for any compromised passwords. Pwned Passwords is a database of over half a billion real world passwords that have been exposed in data breaches. As of April 2018, Nimbus Hosting, decided to incorporate the API […]

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allowing authorization header in apache

For security reasons, by default, Apache on STORM servers doesn’t pass “Authorization” headers sent from a client to PHP. If you would like Apache to pass this header to your PHP application, you simply need to edit the website’s .htaccess file and add the following line: CGIPassAuth on

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FTP Security Limitation (Lib & Etc folders)

When trying to upload certain folders to a websites public folder as the default FTP user that is created when you make a site in STORM, you will get a ‘550 etc: permission denied’ error. ┬áThis particularly impacts folders called etc or lib as they are also the names of root system folders on a […]

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