Serving WebP files with WP-Rocket

WebP is a new image format created by Google that can be used on your site in place of more traditional image types such .jpg’s and .png files. There are now a number of WordPress plug-ins that allow you to utilise WebP files for you website such as WP-Rocket. However as this is such a […]

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Changing a WordPress sites URL via PHPmyAdmin

After changing the domain a site is on or making a staging site live  you’ll need to change it in the sites database too. From the STORM dashboard, click on Websites. Click the cog icon next to your website to manage your website. Click on Databases Click on the PHPmyAdmin button This will open PHpmyADmin, […]

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WordPress File or Folder Permissions Error when Uploading

Incorrect file and folder permissions can cause errors on your WordPress site which will prevent you from uploading files. STORM has a quick fix for this. 1) Navigate to your website on STORM and click Configuration 2) Click Reset Permissions. Your Files and Folders on that website will be reset to allow you to upload […]

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Error Establishing Database Connection

If you’ve recently attempted to load your WordPress-powered website and instead saw a message stating “Error Establishing Database Connection”, the cause is most often one of the following: The database service has crashed, often due to the server running out of memory The servers Disk is full The database login credentials are incorrect in your […]

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Uploading To WordPress

When you upload to WordPress you may hit a limit. This is set by your PHP settings.WordPress is built on the code ‘PHP’. You can easily change the settings on STORM to increase your Upload Limit: 1) Click on your website on STORM and then:2) Go to the PHP Settings 3) Change the Upload Limit […]

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WordPress Preview URL

A new feature has been added to Storm which allows you to use a preview URL / Temporary URL for a WordPress website so you can show it to your client without having to do any setup of DNS / Changing of the site or Editing the clients hosts file. The way this works when […]

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Tips for speeding up your WordPress site

Here are some tips for making sure your WordPress site is as fast as possible: Plug-ins WordPress makes it very easy to add functionality to your site via the inbuilt plug-in browser and with over 50 thousand available plug-ins to choose from you can make your WordPress site into anything from a blog to an […]

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Getting started with WordPress

STORM has been designed to make hosting your WordPress-based sites as easy and simple as possible and has many useful features such as live to staging tools, and password protection built right into the panel. Here are some tips on how to get started with hosting WordPress on your STORM server as well as some […]

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Changing your WordPress Domain Name

If you want to change your WordPress site’s primary domain name so that it loads on a new URL then there are a few steps you need to follow in order to make the change. With STORM we have added some useful tools which will help with this process but there are also a number […]

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Installing WordPress

First you need to log into STORM. Once logged into STORM, click on Websites. Click the Add Website button. Enter your domain name into the Domain field. Select WordPress from the drop down menu. STORM will automatically select the recommended PHP version. Enter title of your site into the Site Title field. Enter your email […]

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