Linux Hosting.

Linux Hosting.

Linux hosting refers to the operating system that the hosting sits on. All of our hosting packages here at Nimbus are compatible with Linux. Using Linux web hosting is beneficial because:

It is extremely secure;
Although no system is completely failsafe, one of the key advantages of Linux is that users do not usually have ‘root’ privileges which mean that even if a Linux system is hacked or compromised in any way, the virus won’t have the root access that would be needed to cause system wide damage. Although the users’ files and programmes may still be affected, this could still mean the difference between an annoyance and a major catastrophe for a business.

Another benefit of using the Linux OS is that it is compatible with industry standard web hosting software such as CPanel and Plesk.

Help and Guides available
Because of its popularity there are also plenty of useful guides and help available online for using Linux hosting services.

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