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For a fast and efficient service, choose Magento Optimised Hosting. We know the Magento platform like the back of our hands here at Nimbus Hosting, which is why we’re your perfect partner if you’d like to host your website via this trusted platform.

Give your business the boost it deserves and choose flexibility and speed. Our platform gives you the resource and capabilities to run awesome tools such as Varnish Cache and Elasticsearch – all in the flick of a toggle!

With Magento, there will be no downtime to your daily operations, and our fully-trained Magento technicians can deal with any queries or concerns as and when they crop up. A reliable and secure hosting option, Magento is used by some of the world’s biggest, most profitable businesses – and it’s because it’s because it offers stability, security and, above all, peace of mind.

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Why choose us?

Our team of Magento technicians believe in simplicity; for agencies or individual eCommerce sites, our aim is the same.

With a no-nonsense approach to website hosting, our team will make your life easier by ensuring your website offers a slick and stress-free user experience.

At Nimbus Hosting, we offer a range of reliable Magento packages, which means your site can be up and running in no time, as well.

Need more reassurance that we’re the right partner for you? Just take a look at our Google reviews page, which features plenty of positive testimonials from customers who’ve tried – and loved – our hosting services.

You can rest assured that our team will always be on hand whenever you need them, too. From migrating your site to Magento, to cutting through the jargon to answer technical queries, we can help.


One of the most widely-used eCommerce solutions, Magento could be the hosting platform for you.


Giving your business space to grow, Magento offers optimum flexibility when you’re ready to scale up.


Effortlessly managing your vital data, Magento hosting is secure and stable.


A consolidated hosting solution, Magento in STORM is business-friendly too with lots of 1-click features such as Varnish Cache and Elasticsearch

A smooth reliable process.

Our Magento hosting solutions are completely scalable, making them perfect for your growing eCommerce business. We offer a simple migration process – and we’ll be there for you when you have a technical query or two.

It doesn’t matter what level of control you require, there’s a Magento package via Nimbus Hosting ready and waiting for you.

Top of our priorities is reliability and speed – and you can be sure you’ll receive both when you opt to host your website with Magento. Offering optimum flexibility for you and your business, our dedicated team won’t let you down.

Want to learn more about how we can boost your website’s traffic – and your revenue? Get in touch with the Nimbus Hosting team today and we can go from there.

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No downtime for your business..

We understand that lost time means lost revenue, which is why our dedicated hosting solutions are designed to ensure no stumbling blocks for your business. Ready to get going? Get in touch with the Nimbus Hosting team and we’ll tell you more…

A five-star solution.

Hosting solutions don’t get much slicker than Magento. Plus, our 24-hour support service means you’ll have all your queries answered in a timely manner.

Migration is free.

Keeping your costs down is important to us, so choose Magento and you can enjoy free migration. The process is fully managed by our friendly and dedicated technical team, too, with a smooth switch-over on offer as well.

Your data's safe with us.

Nimbus Hosting takes your security as seriously as our own; from SSL certificates to PCI Compliance, you’re covered. For added peace of mind, we’ll also complete daily backups of your server.

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