Meet the Team .

The ongoing success of Nimbus is not only down to our lovely clients, who choose us to host their very important websites, but most importantly the team below, who provide a level of service that keeps our customers coming back year after year and also encourages a very healthy level of recommendations!

Managing Director
I show up even though nobody called me, answer questions they never asked and stop bad things from happening.
Technical Manager
Having been at Nimbus since day 6! I keep the technical team in line, plus winning anything that there is to be won.
Financial Controller
Head of tea making, cake baking occasionally crunching those numbers and organising this rowdy lot!
Research & Development
I investigate the problems that leave the rest of the team stumped... and sometimes even fix them.
Marketing Manager
The boss of the pool table (yes heard me) and organiser of the Nimbus Christmas quiz! Dark chocolate digestives are my weakness!
Client Services Manager
Client guru, avocado addict, ocean loving adventurer, yogi with a side of Instagram but not necessarily in that order.
Business Development Manager
I live for sales, growth is my passion… in my spare time you’ll find me in search of the perfect beer or playing on Fifa legendary mode.
Technical Consultant
Founder member of the Nimbus running club and love my gadgets and tech.
Assistant Financial Controller
Always on the party bus, occasionally chasing our lovely clients for payment of their invoices.
Lead Developer
My role at Nimbus consists of drinking coke, losing at pool and adding new features to STORM.
Technical Consultant
I am the female voice in technical support, helping to balance up the male to female ratio at Nimbus. Provider of calmness, wisdom and biscuits, not particularly in that order!
Technical Consultant
Technically minded, BBQ Grill-master, Rugby playing, Beer drinking, Pool playing, Migration machine.
I assist with the development of STORM. So I mainly spend my time Googling for the answers.
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