We're on a mission.

Want to know what makes us tick? Ok, we’ll tell you. The thing that gets us super fired up, that floats our boat, that gets us out of bed in the morning… is you. It’s ok to blush. We honestly just love making life easier, and websites more awesome, for all you lovely people. It’s what we trained for. It’s what we do.

A company that people trust.
We have the best people, technology and innovation.
Providing excellent customer service,
support and simple solutions.

Accelerating your business by
empowering you with simplicity.

  • Our Values.

  • Our people are your people.

    Call them, go on. They’re waiting to have a natter, solve your problems and make things better with their brilliant techy brains.

  • STORMing into the future.

    Sorry, not sorry. We’re unapologetically pushing the boundaries to bring you better, faster, simpler, stronger ways of working your website magic.

  • Keep it f*cking clear.

    Nope, this one’s not about finger-lickin chicken. It’s about straight-up, no-nonsense, super clear communication – with each other and with you.

  • Service, Support, Simplicity, Solutions.

    Four little words beginning with S. Four big things we promise to deliver, every single time.

  • Going above and beyond.

    Round here, just enough isn’t good enough. We want the absolute, shiny-bright best for you every time and we’ll work our socks off to deliver it.

  • Embracing the geek in everyone.

    We love this world we work in, and all the awesome things new tech can do. We’re geeky about the little things, excited about the big things and proud of what we do.

Nimbus Hosting
1 Centrus, Mead Lane Hertford Hertfordshire SG13 7GX GB 0203 005 9181 [email protected]