New to Blogging? Me too…

Chris .

So, I have toyed with setting up a blog for a while now but there is one thing that has held me back and I am sure it is the same as most who edge on the verge of making the jump … What would I write about and even more than that do I have anything to say that anyone else wants to hear!

Still playing the idea over I ventured onto and found myself entering in a domain, checking if it was free, it was, and then before I knew it I had signed up. There I now was a girl with a website … albeit an empty one!

Why did I choose WordPress? In all honesty that was the only one I had initially heard of and I follow a couple of bloggers who use WordPress. I did do my homework though. I liked the template options and how easy it would be to install when I need to make the jump from hosting with WordPress to self-hosting with a hosting company (and yes for me that will be Nimbus!).

starting a wordpress blog

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I am not going to lie as much as everyone tells you it’s very easy to get started it did feel very foreign to begin with but after an hour of just playing about, I had set up my theme, cover section and posted my first two blog posts.

I now feel I have an addiction. I find myself planning what I will write next. Thinking about upgrading my camera to ensure my images are crisper and more inviting and basically day dreaming about how my voice is now out in the world (even though I may only have two followers).

starting a wordpress blog

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