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What is a DoS attack?

A DoS attack is a malicious attempt to deny your server the ability to serve pages to legitimate visitors by bombarding it with fake requests over a prolonged period. Usually this is done using a number of different computers running a special program, and as this program can make thousands of requests a minute, it can cause your server to appear very slow to legitimate users, or crash it entirely.

Sounds scary – what can I do if my website is targeted?

Nimbus has an Anti DoS product called Sandbag. It is a program installed on your server that will automatically block IP addresses based upon a customisable request limit. Legitimate users of your website will create a lot less page requests than a program carrying out a DoS attack – Sandbag identifies the initial flood from one source, and automatically denies future requests. An extra benefit of Sandbag is that it can also be used to prevent SQL (database) attacks – when malicious users attempt to use a program to gain access to the back end of your server to harvest data.

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How much does it cost?

Sandbag costs from £25 per calendar month and can be provided on both our Cloud and Dedicated Packages.

How do I get it?

Give us a call on 0208 0909 664 or drop us an email, and we can have it installed and running within a few hours.

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