Nimbus Magento Superbrew.

In the deepest darkest depths of Nimbus HQ, Nick, one of our Systems Administrators has been tinkering away in his lab over the last few weeks, and recently we heard a “Jackpot!”.

He’s built what we believe to be the ultimate in server configurations for a Magento site, and the speed results we are seeing are absolutely superb!

Magento load times in less than 1 second!

Using the very latest in hosting tech, Nick has made a new ‘blend’ of Linux configurations to get the very best speeds possible for the memory hungry Magento platform.

Check out our first customers to be using it for speed reference:


Just check out these historical page load time stats from


There’s some key benefits to the Nimbus Magento Superbrew:

  • Much Faster page load times
  • It’s PCI Compliant out of the box
  • More inbuilt caching so less third party caching plugins required
  • No Varnish or third party extensions are required
  • Google SPDY and IPv6 compatible
  • It works with Magento Multisite

There’s a few things to also be aware of with the Nimbus Magento Superbrew:

  • The Superbrew is for one site only (which can be Magento Multi-site instance) – that’s for performance and config
  • You wont be able to have mailboxes on the server (check out the fabulous Office 365 & Google Apps for email).
  • You’ll need to access the web files over SFTP as there won’t be any FTP access
  • You wont be able to have a Control Panel on the server – we need every bit of power she’s got (Captain!).
  • Our setup uses nginx for lightning fast page loads times but that means .htaccess isn’t available

In order to have the Magento Superbrew, you’ll need to have one of our Premium Packages (Stratus and up). If you’re interested in strapping your Magento site to the Nimbus Magento Superbrew, drop us a line on 0208 0909664 or email

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