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Your Plesk/cPanel/Windows server with Nimbus can be used to provide email on your domain, so that you can have an email address such as [email protected], rather than a generic [email protected]. Whilst the built in email on your server is fully functional, we’d recommend having a look at Google Apps orMicrosoft Office 365 if you use email a lot, or want advanced features – both can be setup to use your own domain too. Both options cost around $5 a month per mailbox, but in our opinion, this is money well spent as it gives you:

  • Spam filtering – spam is still a major issue when it comes to email – it is well worth investing in a system that will help you sift out important emails from the chaff.
  • Redundancy – if one of the Google or Office servers goes down, chances are you wont even notice, as they both have a lot of redundancy built in to all their systems. Also – if your server goes offline (we hope it wont!), your email will continue to function.
  • Full multi device support – todays heavy email user usually has a number of devices they access their email on; work computer, home computer, smartphone, tablet, the list goes on. Both systems can also utilise the Microsoft Activesync service too.
  • It separates your server IP from your email IP – If your server or email accounts become compromised, the other will be relatively safe from being blacklisted as they run off of separate IP’s.
  • Access from anywhere – you’ll be able to sign in and use your email from any device with an internet connection.
  • Security – Google and Microsoft are two of the industry leaders for security.
  • Calendars, Contacts and notes – all based in the cloud with both services – so you’ll be able to keep all your devices in sync.
  • Multiple domain support – use more than one domain for your business/sites? No worry – both services let you define a primary email address, and aliases to use, so that you can have [email protected] and [email protected] They will even let you define groups – so that multiple members of your team can receive emails to a single address such as [email protected]
  • Storage space – both come with a LOT of disk space – 25GB shared between all the services that both offer.

For a detailed comparison of Google Apps vs Office 365 have a look at this report from TechRebublic –

Both Google Apps and Office 365 are relatively easy to setup – you’ll just need to signup, then point your domains MX records over to them. If you use the Nimbus Nameservers, you can use this handy guide.

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