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osCommerce Hosting Services

Your ecommerce business needs fast, reliable, secure osCommerce hosting, in the UK, Nimbus are the team to turn to. We’ve been supporting a range of customers from small to large shops using osCommerce software since its release — Helping you keep your business online, open & making money 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

osCommerce hosting

Why choose Nimbus to host your osCommerce ecommerce site

Your ecommerce business needs a dedicated web hosting package, offering flexible, fast and secure support for your osCommerce site. Nimbus provide hosting in our state of the art UK data centres. With monitoring and handling for any volume of traffic our web hosting is fast, secure and dependable.

Our Cloud packages are easily scalable – allowing your hosting to adapt for your business needs. This is all backed up by our responsive and highly personalised customer service. Please note ecommerce sites can be very memory hungry. Depending on how many products and traffic you have, you may need more memory – drop us a line for a quote.

Getting the most from your osCommerce Hosting

Your customers expect a fast and stable shopping experience. It is vital to your sites success – if your site does not respond quickly you risk losing customers at the checkout stage. Don’t allow this to happen. Ecommerce sites need large amounts of memory, so it is important to match your site with the resources it requires, and here at Nimbus we will assist you to make sure the package you choose is right for your business.

With Nimbus osCommerce Hosting you get:

  • POWER Boost— Having a sales promotion? This leads to a traffic boom. We’ll speed up your site by adding a temporary memory boost for a week. You get three free a year.
  • FREE Migration— Worried about the effect on your customers by changing hosts? No problem — We’ll handle the migration of your store from your existing supplier, iron out any bugs and optimise your site for the best fast performance from the first day.
  • SCALABLE Packages– We tailor our cloud hosting packages are easily scalable to grow with your business
  • SUPERIOR Support— We will automatically monitor your business traffic 24/7 and respond to all support requests within just 2 hours.
  • ONGOING Consultancy — Here at Nimbus we know that RELIABILITY and SPEED and are absolutely vital for your ecommerce site. We will constantly monitor and report back when your site needs upgrading.