Our Second Birthday – A message from Tim



The last two years have flown by at Nimbus and looking back I’m pretty proud of what we created. Just over two years ago, Chris, Pete and myself were just starting out in a small unit in a business park in Harlow with no idea whether our new business was going to flourish or flop.

Now in August 2013 Nimbus has moved into it’s own office, has over 700 clients, two extra staff and revenue about to tip over the million mark. We’ve managed to sustain this growth without debt or outside investment but we remain committed to investing in our future. Just recently our efforts have also been noticed by a few blue chip clients who have joined our customer’s ranks. These guys include ScrewFix, Safe Store and Dennis Publishing.

To stay ahead we’ve recently upgraded our hardware to take advantage of the latest Xeon processors from Intel, 6GB dual SAS port drives and better lights out integration for when things go wrong. We’ve enhanced our network network infrastructure with another failover connection and complete IPv6 addressing in our network and DNS network.

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In terms of products we’ve noticed some interesting changes over the past two years. The first has been malware. Malware infested web sites have become much more of a problem as customers leave their open source sites out of date and vulnerable to infection. The worst offenders so far being WordPress and Joomla. It’s really important that all clients keep their software and updates up to date or they’ll risk being down ranked or delisted from Google. In the last few months we’ve also brought out a product that can help. Our backup service can take daily snapshots of your web site and database and store them on elsewhere. If your site gets compromised you can just roll back to the previous backup, update your software and you’re secure. Simple!

The second thing we’ve noticed is the popularity of XenForo. Since settling their court case in Feb 2013 development has been restarted and the volume of enquiries for hosting has steadily increased. We see this is an important step in providing a home for specialist forums and a competitive alternative to vBulletin.

The third thing we continue to notice is the consolidation in the hosting market place with all our major competitors now owned by much larger groups. This has led to a deterioration in customer service and in some cases much less reliability. We are committed to staying independent and maintaining our customer service levels through our growth.

Finally I wanted to thank you all for being loyal customers of Nimbus Hosting. We are really enjoying building our business alongside yours. We would like to say our doors (and phones) are always open so feel free to drop us a line, pop in for a chat whether you have a problem or not. We love to hear from you guys.



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