Hosting for PHP Websites.

Hosting for PHP Websites.

Our php hosting packages ensure scalability, security and 99.99% uptime for your site. PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) is an open source general purpose scripting language that can be embedded into HTML, for this reason, it is ideally suited for web development and server scripting to build vigorous websites.

With your server at Nimbus, we support PHP 5 and can install and manage any updates needed.

When you host your website with Nimbus Hosting you automatically get:

• Free Consultancy — It is important to us that we make sure your business has a php web hosting package that is right for you.

• Free Migration — Many companies charge for the migration of your website. We will handle the whole migration free of charge. Making sure we optimise your site for the best performance from the first day.

• Superior Support — We respond to all support requests in just 2 hours and have tools to monitor your website 24/7.

Take a look at our php file hosting packages or Get in Touch and we can recommend a package based on your website requirements.

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