Separating Email Hosting from Web Hosting

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We’ll hold our hands up – email functionality on web hosting hasn’t changed for years, and is no longer adequate for any modern businesses requirements

In the past, it was always standard to host your emails with your website; it was just kind of thrown in as an extra. So far, we have tried to maintain this arrangement on our web servers as best we can but as the industry evolves and changes, it has become no longer the industry standard way of doing things. Hosting your email on your web server not only takes up a lot of space but is often unreliable and difficult to use. Luckily there are now much better options available like Google Apps or Office 365.

Website hosting email software is lacking. The interface and functionality of the email software provided by website hosts can’t compare to things like Gmail, Office 365 or even Yahoo mail. Our servers and software is specifically designed for web hosting and the software for Google Apps or Office 365 is specifically designed for email.

One of the main reasons it’s always recommended that you separate your website hosting from your emails is due to reliability. Unfortunately, try as we may, web hosting is not 100% reliable and there are always going to be occasions where your website is offline. When this happens, can you really afford to have both your emails and your website go down at the same time?

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When email is hosted on your web server, your given a single IP address, if this for any reason gets compromised (it only takes 2% of email recipients marking email as spam for Microsoft to blacklist your IP) it becomes a real hassle to sort out and regain a reputation to ensure all your mail is received. When using an application such as Google Apps or Mail chimp for marketing emails, your emails are sent using multiple IP addresses to maximise deliverability and reputation.

When you need a haircut, you’d call up your stylist. When you need a tree trimmed, you’d call a tree guy. Both are great with a pair of scissors, but I know I wouldn’t want the tree guy cutting my hair. It’s the same with hosting, sure we have the ability to host your email on the web servers but that doesn’t mean it is the best option or will serve your business in the best way.

Here at Nimbus, we use Google Apps for our mail which we really highly recommend. As it’s their business offering it’s not like using a personal address, you can use your business domain name. With this you not only get a much more reliable service with your emails but loads of added extras such as online storage, shared calendars, Google Docs etc.

The good news? We promise to be the best web hosts we can be.

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