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Server Backups.

About our Backup packages.

We offer backup options across our full range of server packages, which for the entry and premium options are directly related to your chosen hosting package.

Backup solutions for our dedicated servers are more bespoke, with the final set up dependent on the chosen specification of the server, please contact us for more help on this.

Onsite – This service sends your data to our backup server located in the same datacentre as your server, nightly, and a 30 day history is kept.

Offsite – This service sends your data to our backup server located in a different datacentre to your server, nightly, and a 30 day history is kept.

Our backup Packages.

Why should you have Backups?

Hacks and Malware.

It is becoming common place nowadays that websites or personal computers are being hacked, either for financial gain or just for kicks. Unless you can restore your website to before the hack or retrieve your own data from a backup, you are in trouble.

CMS/Plugin updates.

It is vitally important to make sure that your CMS and plugins are up to date with the latest versions, but this can also cause problems if the update happens to break a certain part of your website. You need to be able to immediately restore to before the update.

Human Error.

If you have multiple team members working on your website, there is always a risk that a mistake could happen. Someone could click the wrong button, deleting an integral part of the website, and suddenly your website is not working. Be prepared for these bad days with full backups.

Peace of mind .

Hopefully you will never need to use your backups, but knowing you have them just in case makes business sense, and it also allows your clients to see that you are protecting their interests as well as your own.

Finding yourself suddenly without a backup of your website, when your site has been hacked or an update to your CMS or plugin breaks your site, is not a position you want to be in! Whether you manage your own website, or provide support for your clients websites, not having a strategy in place for potential data loss is putting your business at risk.

All of the servers at Nimbus Hosting are running disk redundancy, so you can rest assured that a disk failure will not affect your website or data in any way at all, that being said…hardware failure is not the only threat to your data.

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