Speed up your Magento site by up to 250 times


A cheap alternative to scalable cloud hosting or as we call it, Nimbus Flash Flood.

Nimbus has recently released a standalone application that can be implemented on any Magento web site that can increase performance by up to 250 times. The concept was originally designed for a number of existing clients that needed solutions to cope with a sudden increase in traffic from an email campaign or link from Twitter or Facebook.

This application works by caching (keeping a copy) of the popular web pages on a separate server to the web server. These cached copies are kept only for one or two seconds but enough to take the strain off a website that’s under heavy load. The caching system is configured to ignore users that are on shopping basket, checkout, and account history pages.

If things get really busy where both a large email campaign and Twitter link are increasing traffic rapidly the application is set to provide web site content that might be slightly stale. The idea is to serve content to the users to prevent them from constantly clicking refresh, that can compound the web site performance issue further.

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The beauty of this tool from Nimbus is that it’s simple to use, doesn’t change your visitor’s user experience, can ramp up capacity very quickly and most importantly much cheaper than a ton of clustered servers.

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