SSL Certificates.

Keep your website and customer information safe with a fast SSL from Nimbus Hosting. Buy your SSL certificate from Nimbus Hosting and we install it FREE OF CHARGE.

Choose an SSL Certificate.

Secure encryption.

Every SSL certificate from Nimbus Hosting comes with up to 256-bit encryption.

Secure all versions of your site.

An SSL from Nimbus Hosting covers both your www and non www version of your website.

Total browser compatibility.

We've got you covered. Certificates are compatible with all major browsers, including those on mobile devices.

Easy installation.

Installation couldn't be easier, at Nimbus Hosting we will install your certificate free of charge if purchased from us.

Visitor Confidence.

Show customers they're protected. A site seal proves your SSL is in place and the padlock in the browser bar tells customers their information is safe.

Keep Google happy.

Without and SSL on your website, Google will mark it as being unsafe.

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Do I need an SSL?

An SSL is important because the information you send on the internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server.

Any computer in between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information if it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Something to also bear in mind is that in July 2018 Google will be releasing an update to their Chrome browser that will display all sites not using HTTPS with a warning that they are ‘not secure’. Along with a red warning next to the URL bar the visitor will also have to select they are happy to proceed to the site. An SSL will be the only solution to ensure your site is secure and does not include these hurdles for your visitors trying to access your site.

What SSL is best for my website?

All SSLs offer the same level of security but the higher up the SSL ladder you go the stronger the level of visitor assurance.

If you are taking payment directly on the website then we would recommend the GeoTrust True Business ID with EV. This offers the highest level of visitor assurance with the green padlock and your business name in green next to the padlock and domain name.

If you are taking payment but using the likes of PayPal, SagePay etc. then we would recommend the GeoTrust True Business ID.

For all other sites that are not taking payment or are not looking for a strong level of visitor assurance then we would recommend the Rapid SSL.

If you want to cover more than one domain then we offer a multi san option and if you would like to cover a number of multi sub-domains then we would recommend the Rapid Wildcard.

Can I get a free SSL certificate?

Yes, you can.

Let’s Encrypt is a free SSL service which you can take advantage of within your control panel – This is not a managed service and may need to be set up however, if you are using Nimbus’ control panel STORM this is all ready to go for you!

How long does it take to issue my SSL certificate?

This can depend on the SSL you have opted for.

The higher visitor assurance SSLs; GeoTrust True Business ID with EV and GeoTrust True Business ID, can take up to a week.

The Rapid SSL can be installed very quickly, normally within the day, once the domain owner has approved the domain ownership which will be sent via an approval link within an email.

Can I secure multiple subdomains with a single certificate?

Yes, you can.

The Rapid Wildcard SSL will support multiple subdomains with a single certificate.

Can you install an SSL if I’ve bought the certificate elsewhere?

Unfortunately we don’t install third party SSLs.

You’ve installed an SSL for me, why isn’t the padlock showing?

We will install the SSL on the server. You or your developer will then need to ensure the site is redirecting from http to https.

If you are still experiencing issues then a really handy site is

How do I renew my SSL certificate?

If your SSL was purchased with Nimbus Hosting then we will remind you of the SSL renewal 90 days before the expiry. Once the renewal has under 90 days remaining the new SSL will just attach to the end of the existing SSL – No days are lost and you have peace of mind that the new SSL is in place.

Can I move my SSL certificate from my current server onto a new server?

Yes, you can. If you are moving to a Nimbus hosted server just let us know when the site is ready to be transferred and we can move the SSL at the same time we migrate the site across.

If you are moving to a server that is not hosted by Nimbus then you will need to check with the new provider.

Can you give me any more information about SSLs?

We have written a blog post on ‘Why your business needs an SSL in 2018’ and this should cover everything you are looking for, you can find this under our Insights section. However, if you still have questions then don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

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