Agency Web Hosting...Simplified.

Introducing STORM. A new standard in web hosting control panel from the team at Nimbus Hosting. Developed from the ground up, with best practice at its core, we believe that STORM stands alone as the only web hosting management platform targeted specifically at agencies and developers.

STORM is available at no extra cost across our entire range of Linux hosting packages.

"We've just starting using Nimbus' hosting platform Storm and are really impressed. It's easy it is to use and makes our sites so much faster, and the added security features give extra peace of mind."
James @ Shaun Power

A new website created in seconds...

Installing a new website on your server has never been simpler or faster than with STORM. Install WordPress in under 10 seconds, Drupal and Magento in under 30 seconds.

We ensure that the latest version of your application is always installed, also allowing you to customise your installation.

Setup a staging website in a single click...

Create a snapshot of your live site for staging and development in seconds with STORM one click option.

Your staging website can be created on a subdomain, or even another domain, allowing you to begin work straight away. Creating a staging website has never been so simple.

Provide access with just an email address...

Whether you are managing a large team of developers or managing freelancers, STORM provides a simple and intuitive interface for setting up and managing your team's access to your servers.

You can easily invite users that are not already registered with STORM using their email address. If a user is already registered for STORM, simply add them to your server.

Improved Performance.

Ensuring your websites are fast is at the core of STORM. Using modern techniques, we optimise your server to deliver your websites to your clients faster than ever before.

Server Monitoring.

STORM makes it easy to monitor all of your server's resources. We will notify you when any of your resources become low, giving you time to react before issues occur.

SSL Certificates.

Creating a secure website that builds trust between you and your visitors has always been important. STORM has been built with this in mind, making the process of installing an SSL certificate easier than ever before.

PHP Versions.

Using STORM you can easily manage multiple PHP versions. Each website can have it's own version and can easily be changed at any time. Upgrading to the latest version has never been easier.

Minimal Resource Usage.

As STORM is not hosted on your server like alternative control panels, this leaves your resources 100% available for your websites. STORM is centrally managed, ensuring access to your websites is always available.

PCI Compliance.

With security being at the centre of development, it goes without saying that STORM can be fully PCI compliant. Enable it with the click of a button, STORM takes care of the rest.

Simple, Fast and Secure.

To truly appreciate the impact that STORM can have on your agency, we highly recommend requesting a demo of this exciting new web hosting control panel.
General Enquires:
0203 005 9181
Technical Support:
0203 005 9180