Agency Hosting Simplified

Our brand new control panel STORM provides the essential features and functionality to help you thrive in a competitive agency world. A new standard in web hosting control panel from the team here at Nimbus, developed from the ground up, with best practice at its core, we believe that STORM stands alone as the only control panel targeted specifically at agencies and freelance designers/developers.

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Agency Benefits

Designed for your industry, developed for your workplace. Super charge your digital teams with state of the art hosting control panel.


Every aspect of STORM is built around speed, from getting to grips with the interface to carrying out various tasks with single clicks.


It is common for teams to be spread across the globe nowadays...STORM makes managing your teams access to your servers a breeze.


It's all about HTTPS, and with STORM you have complete flexibility when it comes to setting up and managing SSL Certificates, including Let's Encrypt.


Dashboard monitoring gives you an overview of your servers resources at all times, along with high performance HP enterprise hardware, our uptime guarantee is 99.995%.

Setting up staging area

Improve your workflow

When you are managing a number of websites for your clients, maintaining a staging version of the live sites can seem like a big task just in itself.

Well, with STORM, it just got a whole lot simpler with our single click staging feature. No longer do you need to keep syncing the 2 sites…when you need to work on a series of updates to the site, or just run some tests when updating plugins, have an exact duplicate of the live site up and running within 1 minute!

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STORM, what a game changer! It’s made everything quicker in our agency and made our sites faster too.


We have purposefully focused on the core features needed to manage your web hosting, rather than trying to cater for the masses.

Fast Application Installs.

Set up a WordPress, Drupal or Magento install in less than 1 min...always using the latest version.

Team Management Simplified.

Add a team member to your server with just an email address, or provide SSH/FTP access with a single click.

PCI Compliance.

With security at the centre of any online business, make your site compliant on STORM with just a single click.

SSL Certificates.

Easily set up and manage your website SSL certificates, including access to Let's Encrypt certificates.

Server Management.

Reboot the whole server, or restart MySQL, Apache, NGINX or PHP with just a single click.

Recent Events Log.

STORM tracks every request, providing an easy to read breakdown to your server activity.

Simple, Fast and Secure.

To truly appreciate the impact that STORM can have on your agency, we highly recommend requesting a demo of this exciting new web hosting control panel.
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Technical Support:
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