Useful plugins for your vBulletin forum

lucy-hogg .

There are lots of plugins out there for vBulletin but a few have stood out over the years as great ways to improve your user and moderation experiences. Ranging from gaming mods and advanced statistics to chat systems, even ones creating opportunities to monetise your forum. One of the advantages of hosting with Nimbus is that we don’t limit which plugins you can use. Here are a few which we have found useful over the years.

  • vbStopForumSpam

We all hate spam and if left unchecked most forums can become swamped by spam users within days. vbStopForumSpam checks a remote database of known forum spammers and blocks any users that are flagged. It also has a built in log so you can check whose being blocked and an API so you can link back and become part of their reporting system. Best of all its free to install and use.

  • AME – Auto Media Embedding

Sites like youtube, amazon and google have become part of our daily online routines why not allow users to easily share links to interesting video clips or search articles without complicated long URLs. AME scans links on your forum and converts them into great looking links and embedded clips.

  • Skimlinks and Skimwords

Great for bigger forums and now built into vBulletin 4.1.2. You can earn extra income from your forum using retailers affiliate systems. All you do is sign up to Skimlinks and let your communities do the rest. They add in normal links to ecommerce sites, on users clicking through the link is automatically turned into the equivalent affiliate link and you will earn commission on any purchases made.


No matter what you choose, research is king. Finding out what your communities want and what’s hot on the plugin market will help you create a unique experience on your forum that will keep users coming back for more. With all the packages at Nimbus Hosting you can rest assured that your plugin requirements are supported.