vBulletin vs. XenForo

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“Which forum software do you support?” is a question we at Nimbus Hosting are often being asked. For a long while vBulletin has been the best forum software to go for due to its relatively easy to use nature and ease of customisations, this backed up by the large developer community made it a very good forum solution.

There is however fresh competition gathering pace in the form of XenForo, many new and established forums are starting to ask the question of which software to now use.

Our vast experience of hosting vBulletin has given us a good benchmark to compare other software providers to. Over the years we have gained a wealth of knowledge hosting all kinds of forums, we have learnt many configuration tweaks to improve the performance of a forum no matter which software you choose. Our early findings suggest that XenForo is a great alternative to vBulletin.

Here are some points to consider:


  • Large developer community behind it.
  • There is a product or plugin for pretty much anything you could ever want.
  • Tried and tested software.


  • Has come up with a clean/fresh start at forum software.
  • Social media integration is built in; vBulletin is only now starting to bolt it in as an add-on.
  • Cheaper starting price point.

Where does Nimbus sit?

Our forum hosting customer base and experience so far is mainly vBulletin but we are starting to see a trend of new forums being setup using XenForo, as well as some of the more established communities testing XenForo to evaluate its performance.

We have experience working with both solutions and all of our packages are suited to provide the best possible online experience for your communities no matter which forum software you choose. With our tailor made personal approach to your hosting needs ensuring your server is set up in the best possible way.

In summary it’s still down to personal preference on which to use, but ultimately we’ll support which ever you choose to run on.

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