Virtual Server (VPS) Hosting.

Virtual Server (VPS) Hosting.

There is often some confusion about what exactly a VPS is; many hosting providers have their own definitions, making it difficult to know whether it’s the right choice for your business.

What is VPS hosting?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a server that is divided into a number of virtual servers. Although VPS hosting websites are sharing the physical server and Central Processing Unit (CPU), VPS servers effectively have their own allocated resources (own allocated disk space and memory) that no other websites on the physical server can encroach on.

The benefits of Virtual Server Web Hosting: LONc

More stability and reliability for basic web hosting needs. Unlike with shared hosting, any spike in someone else’s website traffic won’t have an effect on how your site loads and performs.

More control compared to shared hosting
The account holder of the Virtual Server sees only their virtual environment and can use it as if it were their own dedicated server, including being able to reboot it.

Easy scalability when needed
The great thing about all of our VPS packages is that they are completely scalable, so as your business and traffic to the website grows, we can just upgrade you through our packages with a simple reboot.

Cost effective solutions for small websites
Particularly for websites that need more than shared hosting can offer, Virtual private servers act as a cost effective bridge between shared hosting and a dedicated server.

Entry Level hosting – Physical to Virtual ratio: 1:25
Premium Level Hosting – Physical to Virtual Ratio: 1:15

Every Virtual Server Hosting UK package with Nimbus includes:

• Free Consultancy — It is important to us that we make sure your business has a dedicated server hosting package that is right for you.

Free Migration — Many companies charge for the migration of your website. We will handle the whole migration free of charge. Making sure we optimise your site for the best performance from the first day.

• Superior Support — We respond to all support requests in just 2 hours will automatically monitor your website 24/7.

• Free Power Up — Have a busy period coming up and need to boost your normal package for an upcoming event? We’ll upgrade your hosting package for 24 hours FREE.

• Ongoing Consultancy — You can trust us to monitor your site growth, and as traffic increases suggesting helpful upgrades and add-ons.


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