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Searching for a new web hosting platform to use in-house? We've got the best cloud server around - Introducing STORM!

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Achieve your marketing goals with STORM.

At Nimbus, we act as a partner to our clients making sure you’re getting the most out of your website hosting. Managing your website in-house needn’t be an overloading task. Our dedicated team give 24/7 support, so if anything should happen with your site we’ve got you covered!

STORM has been created with you in mind. Which means hosting your site in our platform will help speed up your site performance, have a reliable host and better yet, streamline your campaigns. But that’s not the only reason to invest in STORM – check out all of these juicy benefits down below.

Quicker page load times.

One…Two…Thr… It takes that long for a potential lead to disappear. Which is why site loading times are pretty important to you marketers. STORM only uses fractions of your server for performance which improves your overall site speed and loading times. Fast loading times and a reliable site. Now that’s awesome.

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Let's Encrypt SSL in one click with Hosting Platform STORM

Free auto renewing SSLs.

No need to worry about costly SSLs. You can set up and manage your SSLs for free in our platform via Let’s Encrypt. At Nimbus, we believe automation is the way forward. So STORM will automatically renew your SSLs every 90 days. Allowing you to spend more time on what you do best.

Inviting access to your development.

Got an external team on hand to help you out? Give them access to STORM so they can work their magic. You can manage your developer or agencies access all in one platform. Invite both your marketing team and your external support with email invitations to get them set up in your platform. Better yet, you can even view recent changes to your server through a log of your team’s events in our handy event tracking feature.

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High deliverability of emails via SendGrid.

Our easy-to-use SendGrid integration allows you keep track and send emails. It’ll help execute your email marketing campaigns and email API for reliably delivered communications. Keep track of your website generated marketing emails and ensure they land in your customers inbox. Your whole servers mail will get delivered through SendGrid which is an SMTP relay service.

Amazing, right? You can find out more about enabling SendGrid in STORM on our blog.

Email notifications that prevent downtime.

We’ll send you and your team email notifications when your server nears maximum resources. Our email notifications will let you know when your disk space, memory and processor usage is nearing to full. We understand, that as a marketing team, you’ve got more important things to worry about than space in your server. So we’ll give you a heads up to ensure you clear up any unwanted space or give you time to upgrade to a larger package. What’s even better is it will prevent any downtime from occurring on your site.

Simply enable your notification settings in one-click of a toggle. Neat.

Notifications - Hosting Platform STORM

Secure backups of your site.

Backups are a secure and easy way of reverting back to a previous version of your site. It may come in handy if your site is ever compromised or somebody in your team makes an error. It’s hassle-free, simple and easy to do. Simply give our support team a shout and we’ll be on hand to help restore any previous versions for you.

Pick a package thats right for your in-house marketing team.

Impressed with all of STORM’s website hosting features? We don’t blame you, they’re pretty awesome! We’ve got a great range of hosting packages at a great range of prices.
Need some help choosing? Just ask.

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    Radon £340
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    Argon £75
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    Oxygen £100
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