What is a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is web hosting that offers you the resources and capability of an entire server, one that is not shared with any other client sites. Your site gets a whole server devoted to it, meaning you’ll always have enough bandwidth and memory to handle traffic and won’t be susceptible to other sites dominating resources.

With so much power from a managed dedicated server, you can handle any amount of multimedia traffic, with a better and more reliable performance than any other hosting plan.

The benefits of dedicated managed server hosting

When you share hosting servers with other sites you run the risk of coming up short on bandwidth or memory when you need it most. Sharing can work but you can also get ‘bad neighbours’, which are sites that dominate server space, slowing down functions on your own site.

All resources are allocated to your site on managed dedicated servers, including 24/7 support. You’ll also get regular system updates and security patches so you’re less likely to be exposed to breaches.

There are much fewer factors that you can’t control, and you get the flexibility to handle a growing business and bigger site requirements. Dedicated managed server hosting also lets you focus on your business and what you do best rather than your hosting concerns.

Even when you get overwhelmed with traffic you’ll have the power to cope. Whether it’s multimedia or sales traffic, you won’t suffer from a slowdown in response time, so won’t risk missing out on sales.

Shared server vs Dedicated server

Shared servers are more economical and are well suited to small businesses or start ups looking to keep costs down, as these are shared between the businesses using it. You also require less technical skill as the shared server is managed centrally. The hosting company can also install additional security to keep sites safe.

However, dedicated servers offer a greater degree of control as you possess all the power and flexibility. You also get better performance and quicker response with reduced lag, so they’re better suited to sites expecting large traffic or growth. With a dedicated managed server, you don’t have to be concerned with ‘bad neighbours’ or worry that other sites will affect levels of function.

Dedicated server vs cloud hosting

When choosing between non-dedicated cloud or dedicated server plans, you have to consider how you are going to use your site. If you need to access data and sites on the move, or if you work remotely or have multiple work locations, a cloud-based option may be more suitable. This is because you can access cloud servers from anywhere.

However, if you need stability, security, power and support, a dedicated server service might be more suitable.

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