What is Managed Hosting?

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Each hosting company has their own definition of managed hosting. Each definition can have a different impact on your website and more importantly on your business. It’s important to understand what it means and how it can affect you. At Nimbus Hosting we try to make this as clear and simple as possible but of course we realise some grey areas can still occur.

For Nimbus customer’s we will automatically take responsibility for everything regarding the hosting of your website. This list gives you an idea of what this includes:

Network Infrastructure – We create and maintain this connection for you. This is the connection your users take to get to your website.

Server Hardware – This is the physical server that your website sits on. At Nimbus, our datacenter, based in North London, boasts the highest levels of security and intelligent design to ensure optimum power and minimal disruption to your site.

Virtualization Software – In most cases your website will be hosted on a virtualization platform that will run on top of your existing operating system. Nimbus can install and manage this software for you.

Server Operating System – We automatically take care of any updates to the underlying operating system whether it’s Windows or CentOS Linux.

Control Panel (Plesk/cPanel) – If your server is installed with Plesk or cPanel to help you manage the hosting, adding and removing software, controlling user accounts, and changing accessibility options, Nimbus will be responsible for this software.

On top of this these services, at Nimbus we can also provide for; 

Domain Name – We will be responsible for managing your domain, connecting your domain to your website using our Domain Name System infrastructure (DNS servers) and reminding you of the renewal date to ensure the domain does not expire and you do not have to endure additional or unnecessary costs.

Backups – Our backup service makes sure that your backups happen every night and a 30 day history is kept. At Nimbus we will be responsible for making sure your backups happen and assist you with any restores.

PCI Compliance – If you run an e-commerce website and are required to have PCI compliance, our Monsoon package allows us to maintain your PCI compliance on your behalf.

SSL Certificates – If your site needs an SSL certificate Nimbus can supply an SSL to keep your website and customer information secure and we’ll also remind you when it’s due for renewal.

Although we are responsible for these particular aspects of your website, our support doesn’t stop there. If you need some help or advice with your website feel free to get in touch. What sets us apart from other hosting companies is our personalized support service; if we can’t help or don’t offer that particular service we can usually recommend someone reliable who can assist you.

Click here to view our managed hosting breakdown infographic.

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