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Whitelisting: How to Whitelist Your IP Address

How to Whitelist your IP address using STORM

Nimbus Hosting have simplified your IP whitelisting, using our STORM control panel, built in-house.

Using the STORM dashboard, click on Security. Depending on whether you manage one server, or multiple servers, you will have the option to select the server that you need to allow access to get to it’s server dashboard.

Whitelisting IP address

Then, click Add IP from within the Whitelist Records, enter your public IP address field and STORM will automatically detect the IP address you currently have access from and populate this field for you.

If you are unsure what your public IP address is, you can find out by simply typing ‘What is my IP address‘ into Google.

The next step is to enter a name into the Name field. This can be anything you like and is just for reference only. You could use the name of your home, for example “Tim’s Home”. You are also able to select an Expiry date from the drop down menu. You can select Never if you don’t want the IP whitelisting to expire.

By selecting an expiry date, it makes it useful for when you just want to provide a user with temporary access to the server for a period of time. For example. if you were giving out server access details to a third party and only water them to have access for a certain amount of time. STORM will automatically remove them after the set date, so you do not have to remember to log into STORM to remove them.

Add IP address - Nimbus Hosting

Lastly, click the ‘Create Record‘ button on the right-hand side.

Please note that for remote MySQL access to work, you will still need to enable this from within STORM. For more information, click here.

STORM dashboard -> Configuration -> Enable

You have the ability to expire an IP address at any time, by simply clicking the ‘X’ to the right of the relevant IP address.

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